How Delivery Hero increased employee satisfaction and reduced costs with WeFindFlats’ housing & relocation service
How WeFindFlats Revolutionizes Accommodation Search for Employers in Germany
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About Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero, headquartered in Berlin Mitte, stands tall in the international food delivery sector. The company’s ethos, underpinned by a vigorous cross-border employer branding and talent acquisition strategy, empowers it to pursue global hiring with precision. But relocating nearly 1,000 employees internationally each year isn’t without its challenges. The complex equation of balancing cost efficiency with superior employee relocation experiences found its solution in 2022 when Delivery Hero collaborated with WeFindFlats.

Read on to learn about Delivery Hero’s experience, shared by Lorna Ather, after using WeFindFlats for nearly 10 months.

“Hi, I’m Lorna Ather, Global Mobility Manager at Delivery Hero. We are a team of 10 at the moment, split into three functions: Operations, Systems and Tools, and Advisory. Our team sits under People Systems.”

The Relocation Challenge

For Lorna and her team, global relocations were rife with challenges, particularly when it came to Berlin’s housing market. The city’s competitive property landscape posed a set of unique problems for their newcomers.

The main challenges included expectation management concerning accommodation topics in Berlin, and of course the quite difficult housing market. Many of our employees were suffering due to housing market scams and bad landlords.

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Lorna Ather
Global Mobility Manager @ Delivery Hero

But, how does a tech behemoth like Delivery Hero solve such challenges? The answer lay in aligning with a service that not only met their needs but also mirrored the company’s tech-savvy ethos. Delivery Hero relocation challenges “We needed to find a provider that aligned with our needs as well as company values and culture. We are a tech company, so we’re looking for solutions that fit with this” explained Lorna.

The WeFindFlats Solution

When WeFindFlats entered the picture, they brought along a tech-centric approach, which not only resonated with Delivery Hero’s ethos but also effectively addressed their relocation challenges. Lorna observed a significant change in the employee relocation experience:

We have seen increased employee satisfaction levels and receive fewer escalations, as well as fewer inquiries from employees who are struggling to find a place to live, or who have been the victims of a scam.

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Lorna Ather
Global Mobility Manager @ Delivery Hero

Elaborating on WeFindFlats’ distinctive services, Lorna told us,

“WeFindFlats uses technology to match our new hires with an accommodation provider who has availability. We know that we can trust the providers that WFF uses and they take over the whole accommodation search process from end to end. Also if anything goes wrong, we know we can trust them to help our employees find solutions.”

WeFindFlats Solutions

A Resounding Endorsement

Lorna’s experience with WeFindFlats surpassed her professional expectations. When asked to rate her experience, Lorna emphatically said,

“5 Stars - Would absolutely recommend WeFindFlats to other companies” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This collaboration underscores the importance of aligning organisational needs with solutions that address challenges while enhancing the overall experience. As Lorna’s endorsement suggests, WeFindFlats emerged as the tech-savvy, solution-focused partner that perfectly catered to Delivery Hero’s relocation requirements., Lorna Ather, Global Mobility Manager at Delivery Hero