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  1. Berlin Housing Guide

    Moving to a city like Berlin is exciting but make sure to be well prepared so you can enjoy the city to the fullest! Housing is probably up there on the priority list when it comes to moving to a new city and/or country right? We thought so too. However, finding a place to rent in Berlin might not be as easy and straightforward if you have no idea about things such as all the types of houses, housing jargon, neighbourhood, etc. Berlin is a big city. It is nine times the size of Paris. In finding accommodation, we all have our preferences and we encourage you to know the kind of place you want to be your home - not just a house. Knowing what you want might be a bit tricky if this is the first time you’re moving to a city/country but don’t worry we got you a guide on the critical things you need to know about Berlin housing. So, here are the things you need to know when looking for a place to stay in Berlin!

  2. Neighbourhoods in Berlin

    As you might imagine, Berlin has some popular spots that people tend to live in. Here are some of the best district and places to live in Berlin:

  3. The Reality of Renting in Berlin: A Mix of Charm and Challenge

    Berlin, the vibrant and historic capital of Germany, But for new arrivals, the initial excitement of moving to Berlin can be dampened by the harsh reality of the housing market